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Warwick Natural History Society

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To find out more about membership and our various

Programmes,  click on the links to further pages on this website.

For our Winter Programme, from September to March,

meetings are held at the Friends’ Meeting House in

High Street,  Warwick on alternate Thursdays at 7.30 pm, with a varied and interesting programme of expert speakers or members. Most talks use images as illustrations and sometimes include specimens or recordings. All talks are very much aimed at the amateur naturalist, as even those members of the Society who know quite a bit about one subject may know very little about another!

The Society holds Summer Field Meetings from April

to October at weekends and during the week, to local

areas and sites of natural history interest. It also

organises an annual coach outing to a venue further


An Ornithological Section plans field meetings during the winter, mostly on Sundays, visiting local reservoirs and other areas known for their bird life.

Visitors are welcome at all our meetings - why not

come along as a visitor before deciding to join?

The Society, founded in 1954, exists to foster the pursuit of Natural History and to safeguard this interest from the many pressures of the present day. 2014 is the Society’s Diamond (60th) Anniversary Year.

There is a current membership of about 170, ranging from beginners to seasoned naturalists with wide ranging interests and expertise, freely shared between members.

If you are interested in wild flowers, birds, insects or any other aspect of the natural environment, you would be very welcome to join us.

Our next meeting is Thursday 20th November at 7.30 pm

     ‘Butterflies, Bees and Plants of Nicaragua’s active                   volcanoes’ with Dr Hilary Erenler

        Why not come along? No charge for visitors!