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Warwick Natural History Society


Thanks to members for all photographs!

 Insect collages -  images taken at Noleham
Male Orange Tip on Campion

A glorious evening visit to Warwick Castle grounds with Matt Halford
Silver Weeping Lime
Members turned out in force for a visit to Taskers Meadow and Stockton Cutting led by David Brown
Common Twayblade
Six Spot Burnet Moth
A hot afternoon brought 20 members to
Bubbenhall Woods and Meadows for some butterfly identification, with sightings of Silver Washed Fritillaries and the Purple Hairstreak
Broad-leaved Helleborine
Overlooking Engine Pool at Earlswood
Pale tussock Moth caterpillar in Stow market square!
10 hardy souls joined John and Val for an interesting fungi walk in Ryton Wood with a good variety found
Devil’s Bit Scabious
Snowdrops in a sunny Warwickshire woodland